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I have a strange issue. I have a group of computers that cannot print to a dell 3335 MFP through remote desktop. The other printers on the network are working fine and some users can print to the Dell 3335 MFP. I have uninstalled the drivers (server and client) and reinstalled, still no luck. Heres the weird part, if I try to print to a xerox (any different printer) it works.
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FOXActive Directory/Exchange EngineerCommented:
For the computers in question is the printing checked in option>local resources when they connect to the remote computer

ref link:
mikesmithccsOwner/OperatorAuthor Commented:
Yes it is checked.
I need a little clarification. Do you mean that the computers that can't print can as long as they print to a Xerox first?

When the printing doesn't work does the job get stuck in the Dell queue or does the job just disappear?
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Alptekin KeskinCIOCommented:
match the drivers on both sides, server and the client, check whether the usernames you use which works on different computer works on the other that doesn't work, maybe its blocked by some kind of network protection on the client?  make sure log off the client from the server before trying a new driver or change, check the event viewer for the error when it tries to map the printer.
check the user permissions for the working and non working pc's.
make sure nothing is stuck on print spooler on server and the client.
Alptekin Keskin
mikesmithccsOwner/OperatorAuthor Commented:
Lockdown, the job gets stuck in the queue when printing to the dell. If you log off and make the xerox the default printer and log back in it works fine. If they print to the dell it never prints, no matter what.

Alptekin, The drivers are the same, both are using the PCL XL driver on the client and the server. The users that can print and the users that can are all members of the same user groups. I have logged off/rebooted and back on several times with diff users, thats not the issue.
FOXActive Directory/Exchange EngineerCommented:
The group of computers that are not printing, are they in the same OU as the other computers that are printing correctly?  If they are not this may be a gpo setting that is not applying that is not allowing those computers to print.

1. run a gpresult /r on a computer that can print and the same on one that isn't printing.  compare the gpos they are picking up as the ones that are not printing may not be getting the gpo.

2.  If the computers in question are in fact in the same OU, run a gpupdate /force to make sure it is pulling in the correct policies.  

3. run a resultant set of policy against one that is functioning and one that isn't and compare
I am going to agree with Foxluv. There is something different about the computers that can't print to the Dells. If it isn't a GPO issue is there any type of software that one group of computers run that the others don't? Any type of RDP Universal Printer software in use anywhere? The fact that the printers are created properly when they log on would seem to mean that you have the drivers correct.

   You might not have  them separated by OU but are the computers that can't print all "Payables" or "Manufacturing" or something to that effect? Might help pin it down.
Alptekin KeskinCIOCommented:
if your client workstations are member of a different domain as well, that may prevent this.
by default cross domain policy is restricted in many ways.
maybe you are using a workgroup computer which works fine and the other computer you use is a member of a different domain or something.
is that the case?
mikesmithccsOwner/OperatorAuthor Commented:
This is happening on computers hat rdp into the server. They are not part of a domain.
Alptekin KeskinCIOCommented:
stop the firewall on the client pc that doesnt work.
and check the event viewer when you try to print.
does it map the printers?
if it does
can you pause the queue and see if any job makes to the queue?
mikesmithccsOwner/OperatorAuthor Commented:
The firewall is off on the client. Im not seeing anything in the logs server or client. The document goes in to the queue and just sits there in the RDP session.
I want to regress back a little and confirm where we are at. The computers that cannot print still create the remote printer on the Terminal Server and the print jobs go in to that queue. It just never makes it out of the queue and to the printer correct?
mikesmithccsOwner/OperatorAuthor Commented:
^^ That is correct. It has to be something server side. All the clients just stopped working all at once. Im just not sure what changed.

Also, I was just informed that no one is able to print to the dell printers now.
Long ago I had a lot of problems installing Dell printers on servers. They were like HP. They threw more junk in to their drivers than the printers were worth. Have you tried setting the Dell printer up as a generic LaserJet 4100 on the server and not used the Dell drivers? The 4100 drivers that come with the server and workstations should work. Test it as a LaserJet 4100 and see if it makes a difference.

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mikesmithccsOwner/OperatorAuthor Commented:
You sir are an absolute lifesaver!!! Thank you Thank you!!!
I lived through it once and will never, ever buy another Dell printer :)
mikesmithccsOwner/OperatorAuthor Commented:
Yeah this has been a nightmare. Thanks again so much for your help.
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