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Subreport Links to Avoid Entering Parameters Mulitple Times

Hello Experts,
I would like to display the values entered into parameter fields when a report is run. Since the parameters can have multiple values, I am attempting to display the values of each parameter in their own subreport, in a group based on that parameter field. For instance, I have a time block formula field that  a parameter is based on.

I have not figured out a way to link the subreports to the main report so the user does not have to enter their parameter choices for each subreport. In my recent attempt I tried to link the  time block formula field in the main report to the same formula in the subreport, and then change the equals sign in the record selection of the subreport to 'in'

{@3 Hour Time Blocks} in {?Pm-@3 Hour Time Blocks}

That did not work because the report only returned a single parameter value and only returned records based on the single value.
I am using CR version 14; I am very interested if you have an idea for how to link subreports to the parameters used in the main report so the parameters only need to be entered once, OR a way to display the multiple parameter values entered when running the report without using subreports.

Thank you for any guidance!
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