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Question about database performance on this configuration

I have a quick question whether performance will be affected betweeen the two setups below.  The scenario is I have three servers.  Two are application servers which run applications that access databases on the third server, which is a database server.  The two application servers are running in a RAID 10 configuration.  The database server has 6 hard drives.  Now based on the two configurations below which is the better option

1) Configure the database server as follows:
Two hard drives (RAID 1, disk mirroring) - This is for the OS and the MS SQL software
Four hard drives (RAID10) - this is where the actual SQL databases files will be stored

2) Second configuration of the database server as follows:
All 6 hard drives (RAID 10) - Operatiing System, Microsoft SQL software, actual SQL database files

By doing disk mirroring in the 1st option will it slow down the performance of the applications in any way?  I know RAID 1 is slower than RAID 10 when it comes to disk I/O performance, but if the SQL database files reside on the other four drives in a RAID 10 configuration I don't see any issues with a setup like this.  Am I correct?  Or will the 2nd configuration be faster than the 1st configuration if everything else is the same on both servers?

Thank you.
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