CSS rules for specific user agents/browsers


Is there any way to have specific rules based on the user agent or browser.

I'm not sure why Safari is rendering a section of my website different that the orher browsers, and need to solve an error asap

Thank you
Miguel QuintanaAsked:
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Ray PaseurCommented:
If your web site is rendered by a server-side script with some intelligence like PHP, ASP, etc., you can probably detect the user-agent and adjust the CSS accordingly.  But there may be a cross-browser solution if you're using something like Twitter Bootstrap to style the pages.  Can you please show us the web site in question?
Miguel QuintanaAuthor Commented:
This is the page, problems with rendering are in the top side, that is, the main screen you see:  http://bit.ly/1NOS1LQ   is having some issues with the video on the background, mostly on Safari and mobiles.

I had to alter the original joomla template (Gavick simplicity) sometime ago in order to embed that video, the big button on the center, etc, It was bit tricky for me as I'm not front end designer but I tried.

Before the video, it had a fix picture instead, total 3 pictures for correct rendering: one for desktop, other for tables and the other one for mobiles
Ray PaseurCommented:
When in doubt, it's wise to use valid HTML markup.  Here's a link to the W3 validator.  Check the site (just paste in the URL) and see if there isn't something obvious that you want to fix ASAP :-)

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