Set users profile in D drive

In recently,we need to create ghost file for new pc.
However, user request set the users profile in D dive
in stead of C drive for login Win7.
please help!
xman sanAsked:
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You want to clone a computer but for some reason the Profiles on this computer are on drive D? Are you looking at it from within Windows for from the Ghost console?
xman sanAuthor Commented:
We want to make the clone win7 sourse but
the login profile locate in D drive.
ii.e.  D:\Users
Sorry xman but I am still struggling. You want to clone a WIndows 7 computer but during the clone you want to move the profiles to drive D:?

That can't be done. If the profiles are on Drive C: on the source they will be on Drive C: on the clone. That is what a clone does. I have never tried it but you might (after it is cloned) be able to copy the profiles to drive D: and edit the registry point to the new profiles but it would be tricky. Why do you want the profiles on Drive D:?
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xman sanAuthor Commented:
Sorry of make you misunderstalnding!
Firstly,I want to setup one pc without any computer
information but it
include profile save in D drive
Afterthen,I will clone for deploy many same kind of pc.
This is going to be interesting. Open Regedit and traverse to HLKM>Software>Microsoft>Windows NT>Current Version>ProfileList

You will see where it is storing the profiles. Change the four entries from %SystemDrive% to D that will make windows look in D: for the profiles and create new profiles in D

If you want to try and keep existing profiles than look at the individual entries under Profile List and change the ProfileImagePath and replace %systemroot% with D than copy the existing profiles to the exact same place on Drive D:

Keeping the existing profiles might be a little tricky but at the very least any new profiles you make should show up on Drive D:

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xman sanAuthor Commented:
Good,let me try.
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

Not enough information to confirm an answer.
I am going to object. The solution I offered will work. The fact that the original poster has abandoned the question is kind of moot. The solution is there if he would try it and respond.
xman sanAuthor Commented:
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