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Domain Based DFS-N - Fault tolerance


We are planning to deploy DFS-N and we are looking for suggestion in the deployment. Basically I would like to deploy Domain Based DFS-N  and I was considering using one of the domain controllers (DC01)( to the deploy and configure the DFS Name Space. My understanding is that the others DC02, DC03 will provide the fault tolerance for the DFS-N, so if DC01 is shutdown DC02 and DC03 will be able to provide the DFS-N to the users.

If DC01 (which is the DC that I've used to install DFS-N and create the NameSpace) is shutdown I will not be able to make new changes on the namespace but the current namespace itself will be available to the users, correct? The DCs are a mixed between 2012/R2 and 2008/R2. The DFL and FFL is windows 2008

Are there any specific reasons not to use the DCs to deploy DFS-N?

Anything else we should be aware of when facing the deployment and configuration?
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