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SQL 2014 installation

When installing SQL 2014 it gives option to choose drive location for database, log and backup. On my Vmware environment I have fast ISCSI drive which I will be mapping from two different LUN and volume for database and log.
Also, I have a old re-purposed server with direct attached storage and with a network through put of 3 GB LACP aggregation and it has CentOS that publishes the volume to my vmware and I use that drive only for backup.
Would it be recommended to use slower volume for SQL database backup location when it prompts during the installation that way my backup location is completely isolated from production ISCSI SAN instead it will be using NFS based SAN from old server with DAS. Would there be any performance penalty for choosing "relatively" lower performance drive during the installation. However, if there is performance penalty could it be changed after installation or after bringing server to production or there will be lot of downtime if such is required?
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