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Backup Software Easeus or Veeam and Best Practice

Hi Everyone,

With the latest client, I am changing their backup strategy. The set up is currently:

- 1 x Physical Windows 2012 Server with Hyper-V role hosting:
   - 1 x VM (Server 2012) that is the DC
   - 1 x VM (Server 2012) that is the LoB App Server with SQL 2014.

The outcome I am looking to achieve is to be able to recover the each and/or both VMs. I am not too worried about the host as it is only hosting the VMs themselves so isnt too much an issue to reconfigure if need be.

I am looking at Easeus as it seems to cover what we need (3 x License version) as it will back up the VMs from the host and can do a file backup of all the files within the VM.

I did however start looking at VEEAM. Given the needs of the setup, the free version actually seems to meet the needs but would love to sanity check this will all you experts. It seems VEEAM can reside on the Host and backup both VMs which will give be granular enough to restore the VMs or individual files.

I am not overly clearly on what both do with SQL backup though as I would also like to offer the capability of restoring the SQL database should only that need to be restored.

Whilst they will pay for the VEEAM paid version, it just seems like the extra functionality wont be required.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts
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