How keep number field in a combobox from displaying decimals

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I have a combobox that is displaying decimals in a field named 3DigitCode and I cannot figure out why.

Here is the SQL of the code behind the combobox:

SELECT tblPartNumberItemMasterTable.ItemMasterID, tblPartNumberItemMasterTable.[3DigitCode] AS Code, tblPartNumberItemMasterTable.DataMasterDescription1 AS [Description 1], tblPartNumberItemMasterTable.DataMasterDescription2 AS [Description 2]
FROM tblPartNumberItemMasterTable
ORDER BY tblPartNumberItemMasterTable.[3DigitCode];
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open the table "tblPartNumberItemMasterTable" in design view
check the Field size setting of the field "3DigitCode", it should be Integer
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS Liason
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Set the rowsouce of the Listbox to something like this:
SELECT fld1, fld2, Round(YourNumberField,0) As YourRoundedNumber
From YourTable

This will keep the full number (including decimals) stored in the table,...but it will "appear" as a rounded whole number in the list box.

(Also make users are aware of the displayed rounding...)


Am going with the first solution but all 3 very worthwhile.

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