Reading complex type element repeats first one found several times

Hi Experts.

I'm using Delphi XE6, using WSDL Importer with default options.

This is response I get from server:

    <group id="709">
      <fact term="Amount" value="141578823.7700" typ="Decimal"/>
      <fact term="Currency" value="RSD" typ="String"/>
    <group id="709">
      <fact term="Amount" value="2854.2100" typ="Decimal"/>
      <fact term="Currency" value="USD" typ="String"/>
    <group id="709">
      <fact term="Amount" value="42182.5000" typ="Decimal"/>
      <fact term="Currency" value="EUR" typ="String"/>

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(*Shortened for brewity*)

Everything gets read fine, except that for each of groups 709 I get only first group data. So I end up with:


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instead of


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This is what WSDLImp gave me as a result:
      Fact = class(TRemotable)
        Fterm: string;
        Fterm_Specified: boolean;
        Fvalue: string;
        Fvalue_Specified: boolean;
        Ftyp: string;
        Ftyp_Specified: boolean;
        procedure Setterm(Index: Integer; const Astring: string);
        function  term_Specified(Index: Integer): boolean;
        procedure Setvalue(Index: Integer; const Astring: string);
        function  value_Specified(Index: Integer): boolean;
        procedure Settyp(Index: Integer; const Astring: string);
        function  typ_Specified(Index: Integer): boolean;
        property term:    string  Index (IS_ATTR or IS_OPTN) read Fterm write Setterm stored term_Specified;
        property value:   string  Index (IS_ATTR or IS_OPTN) read Fvalue write Setvalue stored value_Specified;
        property typ:     string  Index (IS_ATTR or IS_OPTN) read Ftyp write Settyp stored typ_Specified;
      Record = array of Fact;
      Group = class(TRemotable)
        Fid: string;
        Fid_Specified: boolean;
        Ffact: Record;
        Ffact_Specified: boolean;
        procedure Setid(Index: Integer; const Astring: string);
        function  id_Specified(Index: Integer): boolean;
        procedure Setfact(Index: Integer; const ARecord: Record);
        function  fact_Specified(Index: Integer): boolean;
        destructor Destroy; override;
        property id:      string  Index (IS_ATTR or IS_OPTN) read Fid write Setid stored id_Specified;
        property fact:    Record  Index (IS_OPTN or IS_UNBD) read Ffact write Setfact stored fact_Specified;
      Array_Of_Group = array of Group;
      Main = class(TRemotable)
        Fgroup: Array_Of_Group;
        Fgroup_Specified: boolean;
        procedure Setgroup(Index: Integer; const AArray_Of_Group: Array_Of_Group);
        function  group_Specified(Index: Integer): boolean;
        destructor Destroy; override;
        property group:  Array_Of_Group  Index (IS_OPTN or IS_UNBD) read Fgroup write Setgroup stored group_Specified;

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Iterating through all Groups of Main, and reading all Facts, I get as I've mentioned only first set of facts that I come across repeated as many times as there is group with id=709.
So, my question is. What do I need to do in order to get all distinct groups and their values? What am I missing?
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Sinisa VukSoftware architectCommented:
Put some code how you access received soap response. Maybe you do something wrong.
DPlayerAuthor Commented:
It partially was. I found a workaround. It seems that Delphi treats id attribute as a unique identification string and simply copies first appearance into all instances that follow up with same id attribute.

Workaround is that for each id attribute I add an underscore and ordinal number after original id, thus creating it to be unique. Having done this made it unique and it all started working as expected. Of course I later had to remove that addendum and that is why I use underscore.

Thanks for contribution.

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DPlayerAuthor Commented:
As I have said, I found a workaround.
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