Video Surveillance -- offline REALTIME backup ?

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What offline REALTIME "CCTV" Video Surveillance
backup do you recommend based on the below specs ?
  ** 20 cameras
  ** 100 Mbps Internet
  ** currently writing to local NAS

Mabye something like or 
to one of my other offices 100+ miles away,
therefore avoiding the CLOUD costs
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I use BlueIris with 20 cameras.    It records to my local drives but can be configured to record to a NAS.  I have a 150mbps connection so accessing the cameras remotely works great.    I use a 6tb drive and get just over a week footage at 3mp at 30fps.   Storage is only limited to drive space.  

I have zero cloud costs because it's running on my system.

I have setup remote cameras which recorded on my local system.    

Not sure if this could work for you, but it's very affordable and has worked well for me.
John-PaulChief Operating Officer

What operating system is your CCTV DVR running?  Crahsplan offers free computer to computer backups across the Internet if your DVR is a standard Windows or Mac computer.  May even to Linux too but, not sure.  Here is a feature list for both free and paid versions.

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