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I am running Groupwise 2014 on a virtual Suse Linux server.  I ran out of space on my drive that contains my PO.  I added 10GB via the vm vcenter.  And I can see that I have that space available.  But when I try to resize through the Expert Partitioner it gives an error: Resize not support by underlying device.  Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
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There are a few solutions to the situations described above

Option 1:  Use a Live Linux install disc to access a partitioning tool while the / partition is not mounted

    Download the openSUSE ISO from
    Mount the ISO in the virtual machine settings and boot from cd
    When the openSUSE desktop loads, click Activities in the top right corner type partitioner and select it when it comes up, click Yes to skip past the warning
    Expand Hard Disks, then sdX and click on the proper sdXX
    Note: sdX stands for sda, sdb, etc and sdXX stands for the corresponding partition sda1, sda2, etc that needs to be modified
    Click Resize | Maximum Size | OK and then click Next | Finish

Option 2:  Boot from the SLES ISO and use Rescue Mode to resize

    Mount the SLES install ISO and boot from disc
    Select Rescue System when the disc menu options come up
    Follow the steps to expand detailed at howtoforge or htmlgraphic
    Note: The steps in the linked documents are assuming an ext3 partition type

Option 3: Add a new disk to the server and relocate data to create more space

    Load a terminal and navigate to the root directory by typing cd /
    Find out which directories are taking up the most space by typing du -hscx *
    Note: This may take a while to run
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