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Add a help section to my reminder program for using facts, using vb6

How to explain how to use facts in a help file
remove delete facts button
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Would you be interested in a Facts form that looks like this?
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yes, that looks good
So you want me to go ahead with this?
with that design there will be many facts rtf's right ? instead of just one
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Martin Liss
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That would be better I have already had trouble finding stuff with everything in one rtf
i have also put unlocking keys for software i have purchased into the rtf
lets do your method with many rtfs
Thank You Martin Liss
In this release:
Redid Facts. This included:
- Adding frmFacts
- Redoing the look of the command buttons and removing cmdDeleteFacts in frmReminder
- Removing all reference to factmode in frmReminder frmReminder

Note that I redid the buttons on frmFacts and they are not like they are in the above picture. If you like the way they work then we could do the same for contacts, but I'd like that in a new question.

Also as I said I changed the look of the command buttons on frmReminder. Please let me know if you have any problems with that. If so I can change them. I'll need to do some changes to some pictures in the Help topics because of that so I'll wait to hear from you before I do that.

As for help for frmFacts, could that be a new question please?
Looks good
cbo fonts size and names need done
I think frmfacts need a view column.
be out of touch for a few days.
Don't forget in frmContacts about the buttons
Ok I added code for the font sizes and names (that I forgot about) and I added a View column.

If you want me to change the buttons on frmContacts to look like the ones on frmFacts I need a new question

I also need a new question for a Facts topic help file. When I create that topic I'll also update the existing topics so that they reflect frmReminder's new look.