GoDaddy VPS and Wordpress doesn't install - just loops back to wp-admin/setup-config.php

I have a fresh install 4.4.2 and latest updates for server.
Every time I go through the Wordpress setup it just brings me back to wp-admin/setup-config.php
It redirects after the Database information screen, so once I put that information in and hit submit it goes to wp-admin/setup-config.php.

Help with this would be greatly appreciated.
Nathan KaufmanAsked:
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Gaurav SinghHead - Managed ServicesCommented:
did u actually created the database before installing the wordpress?
Nathan KaufmanAuthor Commented:
Yes I created a database.
Nathan KaufmanAuthor Commented:
Is there any kind of logs that I can check as to why it might be doing this? Or do some kind of debug setup?
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William NettmannPHP Web DeveloperCommented:
It sounds like there may be a permissions issue preventing the installation process from creating a config.php file.
Gaurav SinghHead - Managed ServicesCommented:
Setup-Config.php and file should have full permission
could be a problem with the .htaccess file and it not being configured correctly. make sure all of the godaddy settings are correct for Apache processing, re-writes, etc..
Nathan KaufmanAuthor Commented:
It could be a permissions issue. I get either "too many redirects" if I change permissions on setup-config.php, or the constant looping of the site back to wp-admin/setup-config.php  I can't change permissions on any folder without it saying "too many redirects" . There was no .htaccess file.  I copied a .htaccess file from a different.  It still does the loop to wp-admin/setup-config.php  I'm really at at loss as to what it could be.

I'm switching hosting providers from GoDaddy to Hostgator.  I've not had problems with Hostgator in the past and Hostgator's support is way better than GoDaddy's.  If I switch hosting providers and still have the problem I'll keep you posted.  If it's resolved, I'll just knock it up to one more reason to not use GoDaddy.
Nathan KaufmanAuthor Commented:
Since this was a new cpanel account. I terminated the account and recreated it. After that, everything started working no problem. Not sure the exact problem. Even created it with same database name and password. Only thing I can think of is somewhere in the cpanel creation it got screwed up.  

Thanks for all your help!

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Nathan KaufmanAuthor Commented:
I am accepting my own solution because that's what resolved the issue. Recreating the cpanel account.  I appreciate all the feedback.
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