User cannot login from outside the office using roaming profile

Claude Constantinescu
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Last month, a user here had a corrupt user profile on the server, so I deleted it and let it be recreated. She had no problems, but today she is out of office and told me she cannot login, and a message pops up saying her user profile was changed.
I don't have much experience with roaming profiles, that is why I need you expertise, what can I do to fix it?

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Chris HInfrastructure Manager

Is it loading a temp profile or is it simply not allowing her to log on?
Not allowing, I look at her profile folder on the server, and it does not have today's date
Chris HInfrastructure Manager

Do you know how to extrapolate her user SID and check her profile image path?

open regedit

Browse the Key

HKEY_local_machine\\software\\microsoft\\windows nt\\currentversion\\profilelist

Find her sid and make sure her profileimagepath is correct  

If it is, you may try to rename her user profile to c:\users\username.old and then have her  try to log in.  Sometimes user profiles get corrupted if they're writing to NTUSER.dat and something happens like a power failure or disk error.

If she can log in after the rename, we need to work from there on either repairing her old profile or moving forward with a new one.
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I'm not showing roaming profiles in this location, HKEY_local_machine\\software\\microsoft\\windows nt\\currentversion\\profilelist, I'm showing Windows user profiles, C:\Users\name. The roaming profiles are on D:\Data\Profiles
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out of office needs to connect via a vpn first before logging in.
Chris HInfrastructure Manager

In that case, I'd make sure the user has recursive rights to D:\Data\Profiles\username or whatever you decided.
I disabled the roaming profile, it is not something I prefer, but this was what I inherited. It works fine now, Thanks!
found solution elsewhere

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