Audit changes to calendar on Room Mailbox?

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I got a request to track down who deleted a calendar event on a room mailbox. In other words...

"Jane had a meeting scheduled at 8am in The Exchange Room. She said someone deleted it. Find out who deleted it."

I see this article but not sure it's what I'm looking for. I think this audits changes to the mailbox properties?

What would be the process to track this type of event? thank you.

Exchange 2010
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First of all you have to enable autditing on mailbox. Then simulate the issue after that run report to get the information.

The hard maybe to simulate, since if you keep auditing for ever, it will consume the Exchange disk space. However, you can set how long the audit will enable.
Mailbox Audit Logging is what you want. Among other actions, it tracks hard and soft deletes by the admin and delegate of a mailbox.

As for past deletes, you may be able to see who performed them using MFCMAPI. See my comment in the link for more:


Thanks guys

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