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Esx 4.1 to 6.0 Migration

Ok so my original server is a Poweredge R710 running ESX 4.1(not ESXi)
Its connected to a VCenter 4.1 VM(running on same host)

I've a new server(Poweredge R730) that I've installed ESXi 6.0 and also created a new VM with VCenter 6.0 installed

My question is - can I upgrade the ESX4.1 host to 5.5(think this is the latest version I can upgrade to that is supported) and then add that host to the new VCenter 6.0 VM on the new host...note I'm not worried about the data in the old VCenter4.1 instance so that's not relevant...

Just want to know if this step will work or am I missing something?


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