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Autodiscover in multi-forest Exchange 2010 environment with shared SMTP namespaces


We have two Active Directory forests, each containing an Exchange 2010 organisation, with no trust or communication issues between them.

The two Exchange organisations share an SMTP namespace, so a mailbox could reside in either organisation. Is the autodiscover service capable of working in this scenario?

I have exported SCP information from one forest to the other using the following PowerShell command:

Export-AutoDiscoverConfig -DomainController DomainControllerName -TargetForestDomainController TargetForestDomainControllerName -MultipleExchangeDeployments $true

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This worked but for some reason, the domain whose namespace is being shared is not included in the list defined in the 'keywords' attribute, which lists the organisation's accepted domains.

Does anyone know is what I'm trying to achieve is possible? I have a feeling that the fact the namespace is shared means we can't necessarily use autodiscover.

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