Keep Office 2003, but install Outlook 2010?

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I'm an MS Access developer, in the process of updating an app developed in MS Access 2003, before converting it to Access/Office 2013.

I would like to use Outlook 2010 in the meantime, but I don't want the reference libraries to get goofed up. I want to be able to distribute updated versions of the 2003 app to users that are all still completely Office 2003.

Are there any problems to installing just Outlook 2010, and keeping Office 2003 ?

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You can have only one version of Outlook installed.  It is possible to Install Outlook 2010 with Office 2003 but that will mess up your references and you would not be able to fix them.  You would be pretty much forced to use late binding for all Outlook tasks.  That means you'll also have to define your own variables since with late binding, the Outlook object model is not available at design time.

Why would you install O2010 when you are going from O2003 to O2013?

Also, why even go to O2013 when O2016 is the current version?

I would stick with O2003.  The development machine should always match the target machines or you are just asking for problems.  Sometimes creating a VM in which to develop solves the problem.
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The best method for doing this as Pat suggested is to setup a virtual machine.

If you don't want to do that, then yes you can do this.

Install each office version in it own folder, install the versions in sequence, and make sure you un-check the "remove old Office versions" when installing.

From that point on, you can continue to work in A2003, just make sure you always open the db in A2003.  If you open it in a later version, references will get updated.

With multiple versions installed however, you will have to deal with the self-repair feature whenever you switch versions (the version your opening of Office re-registers itself).

Also note that with Office 2010 and up, there is a 32 and 64 bit versions.   within a single Office version, you can't mix up the products (Access 32 bit and Excel 64 bit).   You do not need 64 bit just because you have a 64 bit OS and it's best to stick with the 32 bit version.

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In short, yes.

Just install Outlook.
Save a restore point of the relevant drive, and install Outkook.
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Use a virtual machine setup, such as VMWare.  I have Office 2010 installed on one computer, with VMs for Office 2003, 2007, and 2013.  This way there are no conflicts or reference errors.


Thanks - you all made great points. I had un-installed both versions, and put just O2003 back on, and all the problems I was having distributing to other O2003 users went away. Then last night I tried to install just Outlook 2010, and I after looking at that component tree in the install wizard, I got the sinking feeling that more bits & pieces would come along for the ride, and screw me up. I am going to try the VMware solution, or just make them give me another machine.

Thanks again.
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I have always hated the Office Install wizard.  It leaves me feeling like I have no real way to control what I want to install or uninstall.  The VM or separate computer is definitely better.

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