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Hi All,

I am configuring DHCP server on windows 2012 R2 . Actually in our current scenario we are having 4 different AD server where DHCP  is also installed now I want to consolidate all scope from four different server to one server where only DHCP is installed.

How should we Proceed?
I have created the server now added scope from one AD and will continue with other. Please advice!
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Are all the scopes on the same subnet? or different subnets?

What I would do is create all the scopes on the New Server but dont activate them. then on one of the DC with a scope you want to move, lower the Lease time to say 1 hr or lower if you can. Then you can reboot your dhcp clients or wait until there lease expires. once all the lease are what you set them to you can deactivate the old scope ad activate the new scope. do the same for the rest of the scopes.
In your current config :
Are the scopes overlapping ?
Is there some failover ?
If you are using different subnets, you will have to set a dhcp relay (aka ip helper):
Then, the clients DHCPDICOVER requests (sent to broadcast address and thus not routed) will be forwarded to your sole DHCP server.
We need more details about your current config for us to be able to better help you.
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Actually I want to create two servers one active and the other failover server so that if one goes down the other will transfer all the role and be active. I am new to cluster failover and want to create this. Please suggest how should I proceed. I am configuring DHCP on win 2012 R2.
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In Windows 2012 and newer they've made it really easy to deploy DHCP failover that doesn't have the drawbacks of split scope or clustering:
And it's very easy to setup. Take a look and let us know if you have any questions.
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created failover

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