How do I access a column, or cell's data of my jQuery datatable?

Michael Sterling
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I've got a jQuery datatable populated and have added a link in one of the columns to take the user to a different page for data processing. I need to pass the value of a particular column (cell) in the row. How do I do this? (see attatched code below)

        $(document).ready(function () {
                "url": "SignInGrid.aspx/getData",
                "type": "POST",
                "contentType": "application/json; charset=utf-8",
                "dataType": "json",
                "success": function (json) {
                        "columns": [
                                "targets": 0,
                                "data": "DEALERID",
                                //"render": function (data, type, full, meta, oData) {
                                //    return '<a href="Contact.aspx?dealerid=' + data + '">' + data + '</a>';
                                "url": "Default.aspx/doLinkStuff"
                            { "data": "EMAIL" },
                            { "data": "FIRSTNAME" },
                            { "data": "LASTNAME" },
                            { "data": "COMPANY" },
                            { "data": "CITY" },
                            { "data": "STATE" },
                            { "data": "ZIP" },
                            { "data": "BRANCH" },
                                "data": null,
                                "className": "center",
                                "render": function (data, type, full, meta, oData) {
                                    return '<a href="EditTimeRecord.aspx?timerecordid=' + data[0] +
                                    '&edit=y" class="editor_edit">Edit</a> / <a href="EditTimeRecord.aspx?timerecordid=' + data[0] +
                                    '&delete=y" class="editor_remove">Delete</a>'
                        "aaData": $.parseJSON(json.d)

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Figured it out my ownself: "data.DEALERID"
Michael SterlingWeb Applications Developer


just continued to research it, and took a "whisp" at it.

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