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User customizeable screen

I am asking for guidance in a new project I am starting.  I don't know the best route to take on this issue.  I am creating an application for the company I work for that will be a message board.  It will show current promotions, Procedure for the month, and a misc. area.  All three areas should be able to do images and text.  I have been trying to find the correct way of doing this and the only way I have found is by doing it 2 ways.  1 way is a Rich Text Box, but I can not find an area that will allow images to be added, and the other way would be to generate html and have the display area to show 3 separate webpages.  I prefer to not do it the html way as I don't think it will be an error free way.  The promotions area I am thinking of putting an image box and then a textbox on the bottom.  I think I could get away with that, but the other 2 areas will be any combination of text and images.  The client side will be local and the display only side will be remote.  I will be using sql server remotely.  Any advice on where to get started would be greatly appreciated!!
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