VB.NET - unable to update Project References to latest version of a DLL

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Hi Experts,

I'm runninig VS2013 Ultimate.

I've got a VB.NET project that uses a particular DLL.

In the Project References the DLL is showing as version 1.0.2.

But the DLL file that it points to is version 1.0.3.

I have tried deleting the reference and re-establishing it.  When I click Add | Reference it shows as being version 1.0.3:

Add Reference Screen

But then reappears in the reference list as v1.0.2 again.

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There are 2 version numbers on a dll: the assembly version and the file version.

The version that you see when you set the reference is the file version.

The version that you see in the list of references is the assembly version.

These are set under the Assembly Information of the Application tab of the project's Properties window. The programmer who compiled the dll simply did not synchronize the 2 versions.


Thanks James for a very clear explanation.


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