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IBM TSM : My exchange database size is 4,4TB, but tsm backed up 6,4 TB!

Hello experts,

I am having an issue that I dont understand with my TDP for EXCHANGE.

In fact my exchange backups size was 6,4TB (1 Full backup + Incrementals), but following an incident on the tsm application, I had to delete all my exchange backups and do a full backup of the exchange Databases.

I found out that the new total size of the database backed up is 4,4TB instead of the 6,4TB.

I don't know how to understand this, how can I avoid this type of issue?
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what do you recommand? what is the best management class configuration to have only 1 full back ups and few incrementals (max 10 incrementals),
Best practice is to take full backup everyday. Or You can take full on every Sat or Sunday and rest incremental.

You can also run Exchange without backup. Sounds bit crazy, however with DAG that is easily possible. I am running several clients without any backup. Even MS run Office 365 without backup.
Wow i can't take full backups everyday , it takes  3 days  and half to do a full backup of my exchange databases
That's why I said, you can run without backup. I have 37 TB of data. With 5 copies and DR site, no backup, using db retention setting for email and mailbox restoration.