MS Access (Newest One): Pulling Data out of a MS SQL DB


I have a MS SQL 2008 server and I am trying to pull a MS Access report using a OBDC connection on a Wind 7 machine. The report I am trying to build is a Shipping Report for that day and then obviously another report for any other set of dates basically to help plan and schedule our Production Crew for the next day based off what they shipped today. One of the gals that was pulling our original access DB reports is no longer with the company, so this has been moved over to my lap with the other additional items I'm working on. I'm not 100% new to MS Access but generate certain types of reports and/or level of reporting is not my speciality.

I have multiple tables. One of the tables is called "dbo.ManufacturingRequest" which has most the data I am looking for. My report currently is set up where I am pulling a field called "Create Data" and for the "Criteria" I have it set to "Between [start] and [End]" so that I can specify to the system a range of dates I pulled.

Inside that same "dbo.ManufacturingRequest" table there is a field in there called "CompleteOrderShipDate" with a date format of "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS:SSS" (Ex: 2016-03-29 14:27:29.563). So I've created the report where I can pull today's "Shipped" orders. Where the tricky part to me is field in that same dbo (dbo.ManufacturingRequest) named "ShippingStatus" and has a number (ex: 20). I have to Select the top 1000 rows in the DB for the dbo - "dbo.ShippingMethod" and inside there as a field called "ShippingMethodID" with that same previously mentioned number (20) and to the right of it there are two additional fields named "Code" and "Name" which for the code is FXG and the "name" is "FedEx Ground".

How do I pull the report where it will pull the data I am requesting and instead of putting the "20" on the report, it auto fills it in with "FedEx Ground" since that is what 20 goes to but from the table "ShippingMethodID"?
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Create a lookup table that contains two columns
ShippingMethodID (PK)

Then add this table to your query by joining to in on ShippingMethodID.  Use a left join just in case a new shipping method gets added and you forget to update your lookup table.

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