How to combine several value in SQL


How can I combine serval lines' comments value if the line number more than 1? Need it in SQL statement.

Below is the current data output:

ID        Line     Type   Comment
23         1           A         This is
23         2           B          Test
24         1           C          Testing
25         1           B          Testing

Below is what I want to display:

ID        Line     Type   Comment
23         1           A         This is Test
23         2           B         This isTest
24         1           C          Testing
25         1           B          Testing

Thanks in advance.
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
Which database product?  The solution will likely be different.
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
In Oracle as long as the comments aren't over 4000 characters, try this:
drop table tab1 purge;
create table tab1(id number, line number, type char(1), comments varchar2(10));

insert into tab1 values(23,1,'A','This is');
insert into tab1 values(23,2,'B','Test');
insert into tab1 values(24,1,'C','Testing');
insert into tab1 values(25,1,'B','Testing');

select id, line, type, listagg(comments, ' ') within group(order by line) over(partition by id) comments
from tab1

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rowfeiAuthor Commented:
This is SQL server database. I also have several other tables to join together to come up different data fields.
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
>> I also have several other tables to join together to come up different data fields

I would add the additional information for the SQL Server Experts when they arrive.

The more accurate the information you provide, the more accurate the solution you will receive.
Jim HornSQL Server Data DudeCommented:
Agreed, we'll need an English sounding description of what you're trying to pull off here for us to provide a solution.

Guessing you'll want something like T-SQL:  Normalized data to a single comma delineated string and back but without the commas.
Arifhusen AnsariBusiness Intelligence Developer and AnalystCommented:
Hi rowfei,

You can try below code.


 (23,1,'A','This is') 

SELECT #Temp.ID,#Temp.LINE,#Temp.TYPE,


FROM #Temp T 
) AS Comment
FROM #Temp

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