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Yann Shukor
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A prospect asked me whether it would be possible to spit a Windows screen into four equal parts in order to display different content in each part.

One would display a live video stream, another would display results, the third might display a Powerpoint slide show, and the last might display sponsor messages

The idea would be to reproduce this screen onto a larger video wall

Can one do this solely by using software or would it be more advisable to use four separate computers to generate four separate outputs ?

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Video wall is exactly what this is called Yann
It is achieved using special software combined with the right screens
Cinemassive is such
Display Fusion is another
Matrox video wall
Ultra Monitor an older video controller
4 separate computers is also a great idea so long as you have the spare laptops or better still PC tower and the space.
You can use a video extender to send the wireless  video or the program to a particular screen
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