VGA vs HDMI and DVI - is there a difference in video quality?

Hi experts, I have some monitors about 3 years old hooked up with VGA cables at a dental office. They complain that the X-ray quality is not as sharp as they would like it to be. If I change cables from VGA to DVI or HDMI will that makes a difference? I'm just wondering is changing those cables and stay away from VGA will that improve video. I can also change the video card from onboard to pcixpress or even change the monitor. What I'm trying to do is get sharp quality X-rays.
frankbustosSystems AdministratorAsked:
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Coriron HazManaging DirectorCommented:
a customer of mine uses various x-ray machines. they are all DVI. There isn't a HUGE difference between hdmi and dvi, in this instance, however the difference between vga and dvi can be quite big. I'd encourage you to push for an upgrade to hdmi and decent screen to get the most benefit. We use iiyama prolite screens for my customers xrays.

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frankbustosSystems AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Awesome I'll try HDMI today, I already purchased 2gb video cards. The monitors are I-inc monitors 23"
Coriron HazManaging DirectorCommented:
I have to say I'm unsure what graphics they use as their are airport style X-ray machines. Obviously that requires good clarity of picture, but all the hardware is integrated. We just support the screens.
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VGA is an analog standard where HDMI and DVI-D are digital standards.  You should get a better image with the digital connections than with the VGA connection.

It is very important with any of those to set the resolution from the video card to the same resolution of the monitor.  It will usually be listed as "recommended" where you are able to adjust it on the computer.

With VGA there is an additional adjustment that needs to be made.  The monitor should have an "auto" button or some sort of "auto alignment" in its menu system.  This makes sure that the pixels from the VGA signal line up with the physical pixels on the display panel.  This isn't necessary with digital signals.
What kind of a PC do you have?  Does it have a 64-bit processors?  How much memory is on it?  Is your 3 monitors connected to the same PC?  Are the monitors IH232HPB or something else?  What is the model number of the video card?
My concern is you putting a high end video card on a low end PC.
frankbustosSystems AdministratorAuthor Commented:
PC is Dell optiplex 380 64 bit 4gb ram
Good because if you put in a 2GB video card on a 32-bit workstation then your amount of usable memory will go down to 2GB even though you have 4GB of memory but since you have a 64-bit operating system then your usable memory would be close to 4GB.
I'm assuming that your I-inc 23" monitors are IH232HPB.  If so, the max resolution is 1920x1080.  Once you install the video card, the video card drivers, the digital cables and set the resolution to 1920x1080 then you should be good to go.
frankbustosSystems AdministratorAuthor Commented:
IH254 and model is HSG1082 , I was trying to find the driver but have had no luck.
The HSG1082 should have the same max resolution: 1920x1080 .
Which drivers couldn't you find the monitors or the video cards?  If video cards then what is the manufacturer and model number?
frankbustosSystems AdministratorAuthor Commented:
thank you changing it to Hdmi worked!
frankbustosSystems AdministratorAuthor Commented:
great that worked!@
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