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Printer redirect does not work from win7 to windows 2012 rdp

I have a Windows server 2012 r2 and I assign even give domain right to two users to test a software before I release the server to production. They need prinitng but the server is located at a diferent location than the user. So I was hopping that they can use printer redirection but for some reason their printer does not show. They are running windows 7.
The printer is selected under rdp and the driver is installed.
I did test from my PC that run Windows 10 and has a HP printer like they do and the printer show fine.
On theirs I can see the port of the printer but not the printer. I did install manually the printer on the server and chose the port that is redirect it from their pc that has the same name as the one that the printer is on but still nothing print.
Any idea why
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