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Cisco SG300 Managed Switch Wireless VLAN DHCP with ACL Issues


I have configure a Cisco SG300 managed switch in L3 mode with a second wireless guest VLAN on one port.  I am using a Netgear WNDR4000 as the access point.  A DHCP pool is configured for this VLAN on the switch with the VLAN static interface IP as the gateway.  What I have noticed is that when there is no ACL enabled on this VLAN I can connect wireless devices to the access point and it will pull DHCP from the switch and connect at a normal rate.  But when I enable any type of ACL on this VLAN my wireless devices will connect normally, then disconnect for about a minute or so, then reconnect with a proper DHCP entry every time.  If I disable the ACL they will connect within a few seconds like normal.  I am not sure if there should be an ACL entry to allow a certain IP or service to function properly when assigning DHCP from the switch.  Any ideas as to why an ACL would affect how long it takes for a wireless client to connect through the access point and get DHCP from the switch?

Any information is appreciated.

Thank you
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