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column DateOfBirth is varchar(08)
I need to convert that text to a date.

There are no leading 0's in that column, so Sept 20 1980 is stored as '9201980'

I need to convert that text to a proper date, or '09/20/1980'
declare @DateOfBirth varchar(08) = '9201980'
select CONVERT(varchar,CONVERT(datetime,@DateOfBirth ,  112),121)  -- This and several variances have failed

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Thanks in advance.
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Brian CroweDatabase Administrator
Top Expert 2005

So how do you know if 1111980 is Nov. 1st 1980 or January 11th 1980?
Database Administrator
Top Expert 2005
Assuming the lack of leading zero is only for the month try this...

DECLARE @DOB	VARCHAR(8) = '9201980'

SELECT CONVERT(DATE, STUFF(STUFF(RIGHT('0' + @DOB, 8), 3, 0, '/'), 6, 0, '/'), 101)

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Jason clarkDBA Freelancer

If your column is really text you need to convert to varchar before converting to datetime
select convert(datetime, convert(varchar(30), Remarks), 101)

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Go this one it may be helpful to you.
Scott PletcherSenior DBA
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Top Expert 2014

SELECT CAST(RIGHT(DateOfBirth, 4) + LEFT(RIGHT('0' + DateOfBirth, 8), 4) AS date) AS BirthDate
from (
    select '9201980' as DateOfBirth union
    select '1111980'
) as test_data


Thanks Brian, perfect.

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