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Problem to execute command

Within Excel, I am able to directly open the file, by putting this

\\hkgmoss\sites\a4\IT\A4 Projects\Excel Tool\Budget Excel Tool\China-Cnsnh\.\Feb0.xlsm

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But I get
The system cannot find the file specified.

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if I issue
copy \\hkgmoss\sites\a4\IT\A4 Projects\Excel Tool\Budget Excel Tool\China-Cnsnh\.\Feb0.xlsm \\hkgmoss\sites\a4\IT\A4 Projects\Excel Tool\Budget Excel Tool\China-Cnsnh\..\China\AsiaPacific_Budget_HO China_2016-Feb.xlsm

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on Windows prompt. And I do expect further such command by a Shell command within VBA.
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Farzad Akbarnejad
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Copy command needs to specify source and destination:

copy   file  destfilespec

you must specify path of destination to copy on it with source file name

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Sorry, it says the OS cannot find out the file but I can open that file in Excel using the same path and file name.

What to adjust to the copy command?
In my case. Many thanks
Any other help?
You need to enclose the path and filename in double quotes, because of the spaces. Spaces separate parameters, and so the copy thinks you have more than two parameters provided, and each is incomplete.
copy "\\hkgmoss\sites\a4\IT\A4 Projects\Excel Tool\Budget Excel Tool\China-Cnsnh\.\Feb0.xlsm" "\\hkgmoss\sites\a4\IT\A4 Projects\Excel Tool\Budget Excel Tool\China-Cnsnh\..\China\AsiaPacific_Budget_HO China_2016-Feb.xlsm"

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You can enclose the path in all cases, it never hurts.
I am able to run
copy "\\hkgmoss\sites\a4\IT\Projects\ExcelTool\BudgetExcelTool\China-Cnsnh\.\Feb0.xlsm" "\\hkgmoss\sites\a4\IT\Projects\ExcelTool\BudgetExcelTool\China-Cnsnh\..\China\AsiaPacific_Budget_HO China_2016-Feb.xlsm"/y

on Windows prompt, but I have got "File not found" problem like
User generated image
if I issue the same, within VBA codes, using "Shell" to run the command. Why?
Please show the corresponding lines (Shell call and used variables, if any).
The last line below, is leading to the error. Thanks.
    If Dir(File0) = "" Then
        If InStr(SiteName, "-") > 0 Then
        Dim Command0 As String
        Command0 = "copy """ & Path0 & "\.\" & Current_Book & """ """ & Path0 & "\..\China\" & Window0 & """/y"
        Shell (Command0)

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