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Melody Scott
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Hi- I took this through the validator and made the suggested changes, but it broke the look of the page, so I took it back. There are only a few errors.

At the top, the four words:

    HomeStyle Menu
    MK Meals Special Diet Menu
    Health News
Are linked to <section id="sec1">  etc.

For instance, I have: <li role="presentation"><a href="#sec5">Health News</a></li> and <section id="sec5">.

What's wrong? Thanks.

But they aren't linking.
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See near line 630...
// Adds active state to secion navigation
$('.nav li').click(function(e) {
  $('.nav li').removeClass('active');

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e.preventDefault() tells the browser to ignore the standard actions associated with these DOM elements.  Try removing that line and see if it helps.


That was it, thanks!! I am taking a javascript course this week, I hope to bother you guys less!
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"Bother us" any time -- we're glad to help :-)

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