Drive mappings being "split" in two, administrative and normal, Win10

I'm a domain admin on a Win2012 domain with a Win10 workstation, and I'm finding that my drive mappings appear to be split and not entirely persistent.

Mappings through Windows Explorer or a normal command prompt work for accessing file shares, and browsing the network, persist between sessions, and show up under net use in a normal command session.  But they do not work for any applications that require administrative access to mapped drives.  Especially if the program uses the "Browse for Folder" dialog to locate resource files, or if you wish to pin recently used files to an application such as Excel in the Start menu.

To enable those mappings I have to open an elevated command session and run the mappings with the net use command.  But these mappings don't remain persistent between sessions.  And if I map these under an elevated command prompt without the normal mode mappings having been done, the mappings don't show in Windows Explorer.  However, applications that require the "Browse for folder" dialog will see their resources properly.

I hope I've explained this properly, and feel free to ask for clarifications, but I'm at a complete loss as to what is causing this.  I have a feeling its some sort of policy conflict since I'm a domain admin and under a completely different OU than average users, both my user account and my workstation.  We only have one other domain user on Win10 as yet, and his computer doesn't exhibit any of the behaviors mine does.

Incidentally, I recently wiped my workstation and reinstalled a clean version of Win10 thinking perhaps the upgrade from Win7 had created a fault, but even with the wipe the issue exists.

I would greatly appreciate any insights into why this is occurring, and where I may look to try and diagnose the issue.
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That is by design and a "feature" of UAC. It was there with vista/7/8.x as well. holds info and a regkey for you.

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JimTechAuthor Commented:
The article you mentioned shows that it should only happen when UAC is on, but I have it disabled because it would drive me to drink if I had to deal with it every time I launched 90% of my applications.

And they say that it's a recognized problem at the end, which begs the question of why they haven't fixed it.

Also, the "applies to" section doesn't mention Windows 10, and I didn't have this issue in Win 7 or 8, so I'm not entirely sure this is the same behavior or just a very similar one with a different cause.  I'll give the regkey a try as it should be harmless.
On Win10, using the GUI does not completely disable UAC - this is what I found out, lately. You will need to use the registry key for UAC and reboot afterwards:
RegDword is the type, Name: EnableLUA, Value: 0
Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
Correct, W10 is much more strict with enforcing UAC.
Note that disabling UAC with the reg key provided you also disable some apps like the calculator.
JimTechAuthor Commented:
Ok, not going to enable a reg key that cripples other apps.  That's just fixing one thing by breaking another.  

At this point I'm going to turn to face Redmond, give them the flying double salute.  

Then I'll just use a couple batch files and a scheduled task to paper over the issue.  It's not proper, and its not elegant, but it will allow me to get my work done while M$ dithers.
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