USPS CityStateLookup question

I'm attempting to use the USPS CityStateLookup API and find that it is only returning the 'primary' city associated with a ZIP code.  If there are multiple cities or counties that are covered by a single ZIP code, they are not getting returned.  

Am I missing something in the request?

XML=<CityStateLookupRequest USERID="114STRAT2854">
<ZipCode ID="1">

The response below contains only one city state and zip code.  However, when I type that code into the USPS web site, I get seven different cities.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<CityStateLookupResponse><ZipCode ID="1"><Zip5>65202</Zip5><City>COLUMBIA</City><State>MO</State></ZipCode></CityStateLookupResponse>
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You are not missing anything. The USPS has a single default city that is the official city for that zip code based on how mail is routed. The API only returns that city.

The other city names are part of a different database. I can't find an API call for those (and I doubt it exists because they don't want you to use them).

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Note that this is not a question of "primary" vs "other" cities. This is a question of the "correct official" city name associated with a zip code vs. local municipality name.

If you are using this to find what city to mail something to, then you want the city they are giving you. You don't want the other cities anyway.
danpmanAuthor Commented:
Thanks Tommy.  It answers my question - I was hoping to get a list of cities (I'm developing an e-commerce web site that prompts the user for a ZIP code to help fill in their address).  Do you know of any other API's that I can recommend?
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