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USPS CityStateLookup question

I'm attempting to use the USPS CityStateLookup API and find that it is only returning the 'primary' city associated with a ZIP code.  If there are multiple cities or counties that are covered by a single ZIP code, they are not getting returned.  

Am I missing something in the request?

XML=<CityStateLookupRequest USERID="114STRAT2854">
<ZipCode ID="1">

The response below contains only one city state and zip code.  However, when I type that code into the USPS web site, I get seven different cities.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<CityStateLookupResponse><ZipCode ID="1"><Zip5>65202</Zip5><City>COLUMBIA</City><State>MO</State></ZipCode></CityStateLookupResponse>
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