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Crazy networking question

Here's the environment:  I have ATT uverse coming in on an NVG589 modem.  I also have five static IP addresses.  The modem get one public address and to use my statics, I go into the modem, turn on Public Subnet, add my static IPs and then I'm good to go.  

My primary PC is an iMac and it's running VM Fusion ver 7.1.3 (3204469).  I recently updated.  So, my iMac has a DHCP address of 192.168.1.X that it pulls from the ATT router.  In my VM Fusion, I have an Exchange Server that has a public IP address on it.  That's right, a VM, hosted on a dynamically assigned private IP and the VM has a public IP.

All of this worked great before I upgraded my VM Fusion.  I could open outlook on my iMac and connect to my mail server and mail was flowing.

Now, from the iMac, I cannot connect to exchange nor OWA.  Externally, the OWA and outlook works, but the outlook connectivity is sketchy in that it looses connection every minute or so.  There's something about that hairpin it's doing I think, but I can't put my finger on it.  I have a post on VM Fusion's forum, but no joy yet.

Ideas on what I can do to clean this up?
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