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Changing Administrator Account Password on Domain


we recently had a security hack in our network - and I want to tighten up the password policy by using group policy to have a minimum password criterion.

I am a little worried that if I change the administer password I will start to get a lot of issues with programs not running on my server.

is there a good way to Audit what would be affected if the Domain Administrator account gets a new password?

Will it affect things like Exchange Server or Lync Server? in Services these use either a Local System or Network Service Account.

My Backup Exec 15 server using the Domain/Administrator account as the account that runs its services. I assume that I will just need to change the password in Services? Or should I create an account just for Backup Exec Server in AD? If I created an account would it need to be part of the Administrators Group?

thanks for your help
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