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WIndows 10 upgrading in a LAN

Hello,  wanted to post about what corporate ITers are doing about windows 10 Pro deployment, how.
LAN env: 2008 AD Svrs 2003 Domain Func level

The windows 10 update icon now showing in my users time trays, windows 7 pro, via WSUS.  
Looked quickly on how to remove, but nothing simple and effective came up as options.
They are not admins so can't install even though app is there for them to click on in time tray.

That said I tried it on a test laptop some other win pro machines and I just get the endless downloading/upgrade circle splash screen and nothing is happening, even overnight.

So, how are others deploying this thing in-house?  
Caveats some should consider?
GPOs, Templates, to look into?

Thank you.
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