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Hi all,

Looking to standardize our naming convention for servers which will be consolidated in a few data centers globally. Since servers will be moved around across those DC's I am looking to find a naming convention that is Not location based.

Any recommendations ?
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Function based names.  for example:

DC01 = Domain Controller 01
PDC01 = Physical Domain Controller 01
VDC01 = Virtual Domain Controller 01

Honestly, asking strangers unfamiliar with your organization probably isn't the best way to do this - You need to look at the machines and find information items that you would deem useful to you when naming a system.  If you really don't care about function, why put it in the name?  Just like if you really don't care about location, why put it in the name.

the naming convention should give a clear indication of the server which you are using for and what is it's role on the network.  like DC01, DC02, Mail01, Mail02 SLQCL01,SQLCL02 (SQL-Cluseter01 and 02) etc.

here are the best articles describing Naming Conventions:

all the best

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