Who's visiting my web site?  (1 and 1) hosting

brothertruffle880 used Ask the Experts™
I have a simple HTML text web site and would like to know who visited my site.
How can I record the IP addresses and other information about who's clicking?
I read that this information is already being recorded.  Where do I find it?  Some sort of log?
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Data Analyst
I think you can use google analytics, it's google tool to find out real time users, how many users visit your site, and also you can check traffic on your website, and much other information.
If you provider doesn't give you this service (did you tryied in your control panel), you can use "Google analitics" or an alternative service like these
Mustafa beziWeb Developer
you can get information about your visitors from cpanel on hosting server contain client ip , url , user agent.
you can get information about your site from alexa website too.

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