Domain Controller limited connection / No internet

I have a Hyper-V host that is hosting 2 virtual machines.

One of the virtual machines is the domain controller, running DHCP and DNS

DC Static =
Default gateway is

DNS forwarders have been set-up to

The host has internet - and all the computers connected to the network have internet access - however the domain controller can't resolve IP addresses but can ping the internal network.

I have the DNS set on the VM NIC to loop back and the DG to 89.1

Am i forgetting something or have i mis configured something?
Rob LeaverSr. Network & Server EngineerAsked:
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The DNS Forwarders have to be setup to point to authoritative DNS servers not the gateway IP.
Rob LeaverSr. Network & Server EngineerAuthor Commented:
Okay - first that isn't much help because I can't seem to get any connection to the internet to provide a authoritative dns server.
What happens if you run tracert

How is the Virtual Switch configured for the DC?
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How do you have your network adapter setup in the virtual machine settings?  Is it in bridged mode?
Rob LeaverSr. Network & Server EngineerAuthor Commented:
The hose is joined to the domain

- Its using a virtual switch however it doesn't seem to  be communicating

When i do a tracert it just halts straight away at which is the vm

It's an issue with the virtual switch, but i can't figure out what
Cliff GaliherCommented:
Ipconfig /all from the host, the DC guest, and a guest that works please? Also, try configuring the DC to not use forwarders. Allow it to use root hints. And the NIC should only list the DC itself (or other DC's) for DNS Servers.
Is it an external virtual switch?

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If we're seeing a problem with tracert to an IP address, it's not a DNS/forwarding issue.

Please describe how you have the virtual switch configured as that is likely the issue.
Rob LeaverSr. Network & Server EngineerAuthor Commented:
It was the external switch. After a couple hours of troubleshooting I found that the interface of the physical switch was mapped to the wrong external switch. There is 2 phyiscal NICS on the server and for some reason it was receiving DHCP on one of the ports which i believe was causing a problem - . After I mapped the correct external switch to the correct phyiscal NIC and disabled the other NIC i was able to get access.
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