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Strange DNS issue, Server 2008, Windows 7 clients

Strange thing happening for the last week.  This office has 1 Server 2008 domain controller, approx 20 Win 7 clients.  The only recent change was a switch change to a 24 port Cisco Meraki to provide POE to a few AP's.  The Meraki is in 'dumb mode' operating at layer 2 only.  The other switch is a Netgear ProSafe GB layer 2 switch.
A few days ago I was told that a few select users (approx 4) can't run a SQL based program where the database resides on the DC.  Reboots sometimes fix and sometimes don't.  
I have noticed that when things arent working, the client still has internet access but just cannot properly run their main app off the server.
When this error is happening I can ping things but not domain.local .  Says cannot find host.  Domain.local pings fine on a working PC.
I noticed that an NSLOOKUP reveals that the DNS on the client box is set to Google
IPCONFIG /ALL reveals that the DC is set as the DHCP server.
Checked the DC DHCP settings and only the servers private IP is listed as the DNS server to hand out in scope options and server options.
I can't find a reference to in DHCP server settings anywhere.
On the client box I can't find a reference to anywhere in IP properties either.  
As a temp fix I have added the DC local IP to DNS IP settings on the client PC but left the IP to get automatically.  This seems to correct the issue but it would be nice to get to the cause of it.
Any ideas?
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