Oldie But Goodie: Any Quick Way to Remove Hyperlinks from Frontpage Pages?

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Please, NO suggestions on using some other HTML coding program. Zero points to anyone who does so.

I have a 2-column 50-item table (actually more than 50 of them) with column one containing a text hyperlink and column two containing ordinary text. All I want to to is remove the hyperlinks, leaving the hyperlinked text intact. Is there a simple way to do it?

Yes, I am using FP 2002, and it is still serving my simple needs well.
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Are you happy with a JavaScript client side solution or do you want it done in FrontPage?
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Open it in Excel, and then manually set the field types and breaks by column into a csv or something delimited. After that, save the file, open it in sublime text or Notepad++, and use a regular expression in the search/find and replace. Replace the erroneous or spare spaces and characters with nothing, and that will erase it. You can also do the same thing using functions in Excel, but regardless you can create vba macros or however you need to automate the process after the first time you get it right recording the steps manually.

- Make sense? If not I can take screen shots.
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Matter of fact, I would just use the sublime text app I mentioned. Open them all up at once, and hit, I believe, Ctrl+Shift+F which should bring up a "Find in files" window. You are able to click the first button on the left there which is regular expression, and you do your find criteria something like this:


Which would encompass everything within the anchor href tag with double quotes, you can add single if that's how they are, and in the replace leave blank or put:


.. A javascript:void(0), or whatever you need to do. If you have to reference the (.*) or URL value in the Replace, you'd use $1 incrementing as  you used each. One button replace would do all 50 files at once and all links from an anchor tag therein.

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Please show us the HTML document, thanks.
Thank you experts, but I am deleting this question because as the fast and easy solution I needed came o me while I was in bed, waiting to fall asleep last night!

And that solution is this:

1. Open Frontpage, load the file to be modified, then select and cut  the table containing the column of hyperlinked words.

2. Paste the table into Word.

3. Use the old but reliable remove hyperlinks procedure consisting of


to get rid of all the hyperlinks immediately.

4. Copy the table, go back to Frontpage, paste it back to the same location you cut it from, and you are done!

Simple, fast, and easy. Frankly, I'm amazed I thought of it. Guess it proves the efficacy of the sign I have above my desk that reads "The mind will answer all questions if you relax and wait for the answer."


Thanks, experts, but after I posted the question and went to bed, a very simple solution popped into my head just before I went to sleep that is all I need. his is the first time I've "answered my own question on EE", and closed the question. I do appreciate your responses.

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