Need help to renew SSL certificate in Jira application instelled on tomcot server but OS Windows

Manoj Bojewar
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He Expert,

I don't have Jira application support and currently, we have to renew my Jira application certificate  which is installed on Windows but having tomcat service, currently  my jira version is  5.2.10. any help will be appreciated
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Hi there,

You can start here. It's a bit convoluted, because even when running on Windows you need to export and then import the certificate into Java (sort of). Check this page to get started...

So if you already have this in place, you are basically going to replace your existing .jks file with a new one. You'll have to get an export of your certificate with the private key with password, convert it to a .p12 file, then convert the .p12 file to a .jks file, then copy the .jks file to the location Jira is looking for it at.

I downloaded OpenSSL for WIndows to do the .p12/.jks things.

Hope that helps!



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