IE 11 issue form getting submitted twice

Hi Experts, I am working on a website written in  classic asp and .net.
There is a particular code snippet which needed a change.The flow is from a modaldialog popup which is an .asp page to another intermediate(without UI) .asp page for this change.No, aspx involved. AFter the change, on debugging via F12 developer tools, I see that for some reason, on IE button click, the code snippet fires twice while on firefox all is good.There is a single post seen for firefox.Below is my code snippet :Please Help.

if (window.opener== null)      {      
                                    window.dialogArguments.form1.action = "/includes/test.asp?page=somedotnetpage&id="+window.dialogArguments.form1.HidclientID.value;
                                    window.dialogArguments.form1.PIN.value =;
                        else {                                          
                                  window.opener.document.getElementById("form1").action = "/includes/test.asp?page=somedotnetpage&id="+opener.document.getElementById("HidclientID").value;
                                window.opener.document.getElementById("PIN").value = document.getElementById('pin').value;
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DevildibAuthor Commented:
The button submit is written as :

<input type="button" id="btnSubmit" name="btnSubmit"  value="Submit" onclick="myfunction();"/>
1) I don't know whether this is an issue, but I always have submit buttons as type=submit.

2) the onclick function must return a boolean value which if true causes a submit and if false cancels the operation. Your onclick must then be onclick="return myFunction()"  and myFunction must return false if it does the submit action itself.


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DevildibAuthor Commented:
I tried using return false but it did not work.Will changing type to submit and then using return false on top of it make any difference?
It might. As I said I always have type=submit. In fact my onclick is onsubmit as well.
DevildibAuthor Commented:
It was some flag causing the issue.But your comments will surely help in future.
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