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Windows 2012 R2, volsnap messages in the event log

I get the following messages in the event log at about 1:30 AM:

Warning volsnap 24 There was insufficient disk space on volume D: to grow the shadow copy storage for shadow copies of D:.  As a result of this failure all shadow copies of volume D: are at risk of being deleted.

Error volsnap 35 The shadow copies of volume D: were aborted because the shadow copy storage failed to grow.

The only thing I have running at that time is a bat procedure. The procedure does some xcopy commands, then a SQL restore. Everything runs against the C drive but the messages talk about the D drive. Also, the file sizes are a few mega bytes and the D disk has 138 GB of free space. I don't think this is a space problem. I'm not sure the bat procedure is causing the messages.

The shadow copies function shows disabled for the C and D drives. I don't want it on unless I need  to. The chkdsk command shows that both the C and D drives' file allocation size (cluster size) is 4K.

The xcopy commands and the SQL restore seemed to work OK. Is there something I need  to change to make these messages go away?

Thank you
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I changed it by using the GUI on windows explorer in the properties, shadow copies section.