SEO Questions - Role of "Keywords" and "Description" in optimization

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Two questions:
1.  Will inputting data into keywords and description into the head area help in SEO?
2.  Any tips/tricks/best practices/how-to links you can share would be appreciated.
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1. Yes, if the data is succinct and relevant to the content of the page.  In my experience, the HTML title tag and the H1 tag are also important.

2. The best answers will come from Google.  Here is a link to their expectations:

3. Although you didn't ask, I'll answer it anyway :-)
Yes, it's a very, very good idea to buy Google AdWords that are relevant to your site!
Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.
1) If you mean the meta keywords tag, no.  All modern search engines ignore it.  If you mean to integrate your keywords in the "above the fold" content, then does help.

2) On-page SEO is pretty simple.

* Have a title tag, make sure all titles are unique
* Have a meta description tag, make sure all meta descriptions are unique and relatively short (~ 150 chars)
* Have one and only one H1 tag on each page
* Have interesting content and engaging design that encourages at least one more click from users

If you adhere to those four points, you'll do okay.  SEO is a different game from a few years ago and Google has gotten very good at detecting and penalizing people who attempt to cheat the system.


Jophiel SilvestroneCEO/ Web Developer

One of the most important parts of the document for SEO is the title tag. Whatever goes between the <title> </title> brackets should be concise and specific and feature keywords that you want to rank on.

Meta description tags are so low valued that they are not considered much of an SEO technique anymore. Meta keyword tags are depreciated and no longer pass any value.

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