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Questions about Staples Center Seating

I know this question has nothing to do with technology but, who knows, perhaps someone out there has a thorough knowledge of the lay of the land at Staples Center in L.A. I need to get two for tickets on StubHub for one of the Adele concerts in August and right now I'm focusing on the Middle Level Sections (205 to 210). What's confusing to me is that the ones on the 'stage right' side (208-210) range from $374 to $399; while the ones on 'stage left' (205-207 range from $465 to $650 ( that's section 205).

My question is this: are there some visual obstructions in front of sections 208-210 that are causing them to be cheaper; or is it just that the StubHub ticket holders are just asking less for whatever reason? This is very important since I don't want to spend almost $800 and spend the evening looking at a huge overhead lighting assembly. That of course would pretty much ruin the evening and my chances of gaining any goodwill from my wife on our anniversary! :- )

I would welcome any suggestions as to what topic I should post this question in.

Also, I need to know this as soon as possible since the prices are probably going up by the hour! :- )

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