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How to grow an item in CorelDraw7

If I wish to have a character or object such as a "Z" that is purple with a glowing yellow fringe around the entire character, how do I accomplish this? I searched for the word "grow" in help,  but there is no reference. I thought that  I could take the purple item and duplicate it, then change the color of the duplicate to yellow and grow it to be slightly larger than the original. Maybe I am simplifying something difficult?
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Dan Craciun
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Do you want an extrude or a contour?

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Hi. Thanks so much for responding. From your examples the contour is what I am looking for. I should  let you know, as if it isn't obvious, that CorelDraw knowledge wise I am a "3" at most.
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Thank you SO much for your complete in depth explanation. All is working fine now thanks to you!!
Your welcome Need-a-Clue glad it helped