Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with Windows 8.1 Enterprise can't install .NET 3.5

I need to enable the .NET 3.5 Windows feature in order to run a program that we use, but Windows continually bombs out when attempting to reach Windows Update Server in the process.

Things I've already tried...
I have excellent Internet connectivity
I've tried Offline Installer method with the Win 8.1 Enterprise DVD.
I've Tried Editing the Group Policy Settings to force it to install from the DVD
I've tried modifying the Registry to not use Windows Update
I've tried Powershell dism command to pull it from the DVD

Nothing seems to work.  I get an Access denied error and the dism log isn't helping me any when I scroll through it
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Download and run .NET Setup Verifier and run for all versions. See if you can repair .NET and then install trough Programs and Features, Windows Features.
use dism again. Your mistake was not to elevate the command line (can be seen in your screenshot: it doesn't say "administrator" in the window title.
So right click cmd.exe and select "run as administrator" and use the dism method, it works 100%.
FMIC_ITAuthor Commented:
John - I'll give that a shot and update.  Thanks

McKnife - The Command Line was Ran as Administrator Each time I attempted it.   I believe what happened, is that when I ran it a final time to grab the screenshot before posting this question, I forgot to elevate it as Admin (just for the screenshot).
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I see. That suggests, the access denial has another reason, probably corruption. You might be successful after you repair windows doing an I place upgrade.
FMIC_ITAuthor Commented:
What is an I place upgrade?  Sorry, I've never heard of it.  Also, Just FYI, I've attached a screenshot showing the error with elevated Command Prompt.

John Hurst - the Verifier can only run for .NET 4 and > since that's all thats currently installed/enabled, but I need to install/enable 3.5 for this software that I need, so the verifier does nothing for 3.5 since it's not on the machine yet.
FMIC_ITAuthor Commented:
Update - By the way... all .NET 4 and up versions verify successfully with the netfx setup verifier
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
The verifier I pointed to runs and verifies from V2 to V4.6

So if that does not work and if you looked in Windows Features (in Programs and Features) and that did not work, you may need to do Windows 8.1 Refresh (deletes most software but not data) or do a Windows 8.1 Repair Install - you need the Windows 8.1 DVD for this.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I think this is a Windows 8 machine looking at the first post.
So? Same procedure :)
FMIC_ITAuthor Commented:
I'm currently running the 8.1 Enterprise re-install.  I assumed that was probably what you were referring to, so I started it up here before I saw the comments.

Thanks.  Hope this works! ><
re-install?  Official terms are (clean) installation, inplace upgrade or refresh... I hope you didn't choose refresh.
FMIC_ITAuthor Commented:
I put in the 8.1 DVD and ran the Setup.exe. It then walked through the process of installing 8.1.   There was not an Upgrade option.  It required me to uninstall my AV, and asked if I wanted to keep my personal settings and apps, which I did, so I completed the process which appeared to re-install or possibly re-copy the windows 8.1 systems files onto the device.  I guess that may be technically called a refresh...

Once finished, I just ran the Programs and Features install attempt, and it failed to reach windows updates once again, so I then ran the Offline installer, which points to the DVD again, and this time it worked!

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Super. You did what I advised, that is called inplace upgrade.
FMIC_ITAuthor Commented:
I feel that the comments added by McKnife were helpful in triggering ideas for me and that his suggestion/comment was slightly too vague to be considered the "Best Solution".  I posted the notes of what steps I performed to resolve the issue and labeled them as the "Best Solution" because they are more specific and dealt directly with my issue instead of a vague suggestion with a link posted to a Windows 10 upgrade vs. a Windows 8.1 Enterprise upgrade walkthrough.

I felt that McKnife's comment gave me a starting block, but I took my knowledge and research and performed the fix on my own from there.
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